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I was visiting with my brother over the Thanksgiving holiday and I’ve been encouraging him to get into real estate investing. Before I left, we made a few calls off of Craigslist and received almost instant replies. I wanted to give my brother that easy demonstration. When that happened, I was reminded all over again how simple this business really is.

In this episode, I review ways that you can hone your skills when talking with sellers. What to say; what not to say. How to get the experience.

One of the things I always suggest is to find another investor (or a close friend) and role play. It’s a great non-threatening way to build up your phone skills.

Always keep in mind, this is not complicated!

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to hone your skills when talking with sellers
  • What to say; what not to say
  • Great questions to ask
  • How to know when to move on
  • You aren’t closing on this call; it’s to gather information only

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. He Joe
    I was just saying to my team how much I relete to your podcasts and training. It is very practical and relatable content AND my brain thinks the same yours does. I like your metrics for actionable items… That’s how I set up my systems and scorecards for my team to make all systems and expectations clear and easy to follow.
    Thank ms for the podcasts an training …
    MiCasa Property Investments

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