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What could be more fun than a giveaway?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I will be giving away an iPad Mini. But that’s not all! Along with the iPad, I’m giving away my entire Wholesaling Lease Options course. This course normally sells for $1,497, but you have a chance to get it free!

The qualifier for the giveaway is that you leave a review on my podcast site. (Of course, we’ll need to see proof of your review. But that’s a simple process.)

At this time, I have very close to 300 reviews for my podcast and I’d like to take it over the top — past the 300 mark. This giveaway could cause that to happen. I plan to announce the winner on January 1, 2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you leave a review, YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE DRAWING ON THIS PAGE: reimpodcast.com/review  

Listen to the podcast where I explain all the details…

Listen and Enjoy:

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. This free ipad video is the first podcast from Joe i’ve listened to. He talks fast, clear, with energy, and on a clear mic so it doesn’t boren me and put me to sleep. I could write more but I honestly think it would just be another repeat of what you’ve heard or read about Joe lol. Just listen to him. He knows what he’s talking about.

  2. Joe’s podcast is wonderful and informative. Unlike most “gurus” out there Joe seems to be down to earth and a guy like the most of us. He has provided a lot of great information that has helped my business.

  3. Joe is a true people person and gives us all who listen the tools that it takes to succeed in this real estate arena! Thank You Joe for all you do!!

  4. The first thing I felt when I started listening to Joe was that I could trust him. Just rings true in his voice.

    The second thing I felt was he really knows his stuff. I’m learning a ton.

    Really appreciate you Joe & look forward to everything to come.

  5. Listening to Joe for years… Called in on a webinar and he answered my question so I felt he was real and not just another guru selling info. I love his low key, honest manner and speaking voice. Directly because of Joe and his WLO info – I closed my first deal. He reminds everyone that the point of this business is to actually do something – no matter how small your marketing budget. Just listening to his podcast or reading books and listening to webinars won’t get you any deals. Love the “REI In Your Car” podcasts. Short, to the point with humor and actionable items. Thanks Joe, keep up the great work and insights!

  6. Been following Joe for a long time now. He knows what he is doing and gives more training than all the other gurus. You can’t go wrong with him in your corner.

  7. Is it ok if i sent my proof of picture to support? It really didnt give me an option to insert the screen shot.
    And thats for the Ipad mini with your wholesale Option lease course for January 1.

  8. Just listened to Joe McCall’s podcast on owner finance deals on MLS, very interesting! Several new ideas I had not thought of before with regard to finding properties on MLS, and great tips on structuring my deals. I wholesale, and always looking for innovative new ways to structure deals to make them attractive to my buyers. Would love more info on the assignment of collateral!

  9. Joe McCall is the real deal if you want to become a successful real estate investor. Joe is the shortest path to accomplishment ranging from his courses to the expedited communications of his entire organization. Joe is one of the very few mentors that you can actually speak with! You can communicate practically immediately with his coaching staff which can prove critical when you need guidance. Deals are won and lost very quickly, and Joe’s and his organization’s response time is the best I’ve ever experienced. His coaching teams provides solutions and encouragement when you need them the most. They ALL truly care about you succeeding and the path is clearly presented on how to get there.
    Joe’s coaching programs are well thought out, well documented, are based on experience, practicality and most importantly are updated continually. You can’t go wrong with Joe!

  10. After recently loosing my wife to Pancreatic Cancer Joe and his great materials have been an astronomical help to me in many ways he doesn’t even know! I am a licensed Realtor in Ohio always looking to help my RE Investor clients and Joe really helps those of us looking to i
    help others! Words could not justify his guidance and sincerity! Joe, your Podcasts are the best and very helpful!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and my most sincere Thank You!!!

  11. I’ve been out of Real Estate Investing for over a decade now but, have been looking to jump back in. I’ve been following Joe’s podcasts for a few months now and I love that he is not only local here in St. Louis but he is also a strong man of faith and it show in his sincerity online as well as in person. It’s been nice even chatting with him through our son’s cyc soccer league. I’m looking forward to learning more of Joe’s system and putting it into practice in 2017. Thank you for being you and not like the TV personalities that come through town and leave many lighter in the wallet with not much to show for it. Thank you for sharing your tips of the trade with us… Bless you and may we all have a more prosperous new year!

  12. I attended Joe’s course recently in St. Louis. Great course,
    treated us all really well.
    I came home kinda paralyzed
    The podcasts are incrementally bringing me to a
    point of action, especially the last several.
    I think Joe takes too long to get to the point sometimes
    but I can handle that for the positive, constant information
    and encouragement.
    Thanks, Dr. Mike

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