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This is a review of a recent Wholesaling Lease Options workshop that I held here in St. Louis for a group of investors. I purposely keep the groups small — 20 to 25 attendees — that way, everyone’s questions can get answered during the workshop.

Previously, I’ve used these workshops to walk people through my teaching on wholesaling lease options, but this time I took a different tack. Realizing that my course is available for anyone to purchase and study, I chose rather to spend time explaining exactly what each investor needs to do to make deals happen.

One attendee shared that she spent about an hour and a half just coming up with comps. Listen to this episode as I explain how comps can be gathered and reviewed in about 10 minutes or so.

Working with the group in this manner, it was almost like a Mastermind Meeting. Everyone was sharing ideas — some of which were even new to me.

My main message was: This is simple; don’t overthink it

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Which task should be the last one you ever outsource?
  • Techniques for making calls and talking to sellers
  • Results of on-the-spot calls made at the workshop
  • How a great auto-dialer enables you to make many calls in a short time (not a voice blast)
  • Questions to ask sellers

Mentioned in this episode:

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