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You’ll hear a great sigh of relief in my voice in this episode. It was the morning after the election, and I’m SO relieved it’s over. It’s not the subject of my message today, but I can’t help but say how glad I am that it’s all over.

What I’m focusing in on is the main difference — as I see it, talking with investors nearly every day — between the ones who are moving forward in this business and the ones who just can’t seem to get it off the ground.

It’s not knowledge, although that’s important. It’s not people skills, though that too is important. It’s not negotiation power, and yes, that’s also important. But none of it matters if you’re not doing this one thing.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • What I emphasize to my coaching students — one-on-one and group calls
  • The simple question I ask
  • How the complainers tell on themselves
  • How you can close deals even in the hardest markets

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. “Being great at sales does not guarantee being great at investing.”

    This is 100% true. I’ve been in sales for decades, and cannot count the number of times I’ve seen a great salesperson talk right past the sale. They never ask for the sale! The prospect buys, yet the salesperson keeps right on talking, past the point of the prospect buying to saying “NO!” again.

    Sending the offer letter, that is asking for the sale.

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