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Several different themes run through this episode I recorded on a Monday morning.

One of the first is the announcement that I am now donating all proceeds from the sale of my courses to a particular charity. You’ll see why I’m so passionate about this charity and the great work that it accomplishes.

I’m also on a bit of a rant about scarcity-minded people. It bewilders me how anyone could ask for a refund for an information-packed course that is offered for only $97. In all the years that I’ve been investing, I’ve never asked for a refund for any course I took. There were a lot of them and some weren’t so hot, but all of them had at least some value.

I also talk about my decision to stop offering payment plans for the larger courses. I’ve discovered that payment plans help no one. You’ll hear me explain why.

This business is not difficult. Anyone can do this. Just step out and do it.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The charity that I sponsor
  • The impact of an investor’s scarcity mentality
  • If you can’t afford it — just say so
  • Take massive action; believe you can do it

Mentioned in this episode:

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