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When I first started out as an investor, I was probably the most paranoid person around. Instead of taking action, I kept taking another course. My thought was, I still don’t know enough to actually go out and do this stuff…. I’ve got to know more, to learn more, to study more. So I did. For 3 longs years.

Does that sound familiar? Has that been true with you?

In this episode, I explain exactly what it took for me to finally go out and close a deal. (Which netted me $13k by the way.) You’ll laugh when I tell how scared I was to even call the seller back. (A seller so motivated, she called me 3 times.)

All during those 3 years, I was the one who was bellyaching that this stuff doesn’t work. I guess that’s why I have such a heart for newbies. And why I create so many teaching podcasts.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The mind and attitude change that turned things around for me
  • The importance of laser focus
  • You already know enough right now to make deals happen

Mentioned in this episode:

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