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I love talking with my coaching students and keeping up with how they’re doing. One of my students, Gavin, reminded me of what he did when he first got started — when he had time but no money. At least, no money for bigtime marketing. His strategy triggered my thoughts for this episode.

I’ve mentioned in previous episodes about how lease option deals are prime for using other investor’s throw-away leads. Well, Gavin approached other investors at his local REIA meeting about giving him their old leads. Because he had time to call them but no money for marketing, and these investors had money for marketing but no time to call the leads. He offered to call the leads and split the profits of deals that came through.

What a great plan for a newbie just starting out! Especially a newbie with a low budget.

Which brings up yet another subject and that is about competition. Time to stop looking at other investors as competition. They can be your partners! And I’m explaining the process.

I also share a little about the fact that we are testing a brand-new auto-dialer system. But more on that later.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Gavin’s strategy and how it worked for him
  • Every investor has plenty of old, cold, dead leads — it’s a goldmine in disguise
  • Your attitude toward other investors
  • How to get creative using these leads
  • How to set up the partnership

Mentioned in this episode:

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