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My good friend, Haim Mamane Palman, is a whiz when it comes to techniques and systems. You may have heard me interview him in an earlier episode. Haim and I have been putting our heads together and creating systems together.

I talk about these great systems in this episode…

This involves ways in which your VA can send emails to Realtors. I call these “soft pass” offers. Case in point, I give the results of the actual response to one of these simple emails.

Once a system is in place, once your VAs know what to do, the next step is to scale up. Your ability to make offers grows exponentially.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Sending emails to Realtors
  • What a “soft pass” offer is and how to word it
  • The importance of delegating (outsourcing)
  • When to scale up

Mentioned in this episode:

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