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All things take time. But we live in a hurry-up society. If you want ripe bananas and they’re green when you buy them, you’ll have to wait. Green bananas aren’t very tasty.

Building a solid real estate business takes time. It doesn’t explode overnight. That first mailing might not bring a single response. (What a depressing thought. This is where many throw in the towel.)

So, I’m using this episode to point out that this is a momentum business…

It starts slow, then builds, and builds, and builds. I also explain not only the importance of follow-up, but I give several ideas of types of follow-up that work well.

So, don’t get in a hurry. Let those sellers ripen.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • What a “no” really means
  • Understanding the seller’s position
  • Best kinds of follow-up
  • How many times you should follow up

Mentioned in this episode:

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