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Saying no to someone or someone saying no to you, is not the worst thing that can happen in your business. In fact, sometimes the no can save you hours of time, as well as saving you a lot of frustration.

In this episode, I touch on this idea. Many times when you’re talking to someone, whether it’s a seller, or buyer, or perhaps a Realtor, when you hear that well-known, hedging answer, “Well, I need to think about it,” chances are they’re trying to tell you no.

My advice is to cut to the chase and pin them down about that vague answer. And in this episode, I’m giving you several examples of exactly how to do that.

If that person is trying to tell you no, and you keep chasing them, they may become more defensive (read: unapproachable), and you’ll become more frustrated. Worse yet, you come off as desperate, and people can sense that a mile away.

You are the reluctant buyer.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Recognize the real answer behind the vague answer
  • How to release the person who’s hedging
  • How to pin that person down; cut to the chase
  • What I mean by being the reluctant buyer

Mentioned in this episode:

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