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WHEN: Thursday, May 10th at 6pm-8:30 pm and Tuesday, May 15th at 6pm-8:30 pm

WHERE: Friends Coffee House ( conference room, Palackého 7, Praha 1

WHO: Joe McCall – Internet Business Entrepreneur re-visiting Prague (+420 608226549)

WHY: To help people find creative ways to earn a living

HOW: 250 Kc per night for 15 participants (limited seating). Price includes slide notes. To register please contact Joe directly and send the course fee to eKonto: Account No. 181730394/5500, Variable symbol: 1052012. Registration is finalized by prepayment.


  1. Class 1
    1. Introduction
      1. Why Internet Business?
      2. Information: the IDEAL product – what are you passionate about?
      3. Design Your Virtual Business Lifestyle
    2. Designing A Business That Can't Fail
      1. Choose a profitable topic
      2. Name your business & get your domain
    3. Launching Your Website
      1. Instant site launch & site customization
      2. Set up your site for success
      3. Search Engine Optimization & Keywords
    4. How To Get Traffic
      1. Create Content
      2. Where to Find Ideas for Content
      3. Publish Content to Multiple Channels
        1. Podcasting
        2. Video & YouTube
        3. Social Media
  2. Class 2
    1. Creating an Email List
      1. Email Newsletters Made Easy
      2. Setting up Automated Emails
    2. Create Products
      1. How to Choose Profitable Products
      2. Easy Product Creation
    3. Turn Visitors Into Cash
      1. Create your Offer, Sales Page
      2. Example Sales Letters
      3. Shopping Carts
    1. Outsourcing – How to get others to do the work for you
    2. Affiliate Products
      1. Sell other products and get others to sell yours
    3. Resources for Further Research
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Chamberlain Holdings, LLC – (main site for real estate business in St Louis, MO)

Wholesaling Lease Options – (main product that teaches people how to do what Joe does)

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast  – (internet radio show about real estate investing)

Wholesaling Marketing – (marketing service for real estate investors)

Remote Property Flipping – (Joe's blog about his trip to Prague and flipping properties remotely from Europe)

Unlimited Hidden Deals – (a sample information product that Joe created with a friend)

Lease Purchase GUTS – (another sample information product)

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