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We just got done with a 5 Leads 5 Days Challenge and the results are mind-blowing! We gave away over $1000 in prizes and the results from our students who used to just sit on the sidelines are now starting to get leads more than the benchmark of 5 leads that we set for the challenge.

You're never going to know everything in real estate because you'll never know what situation you'll be in in the next deal. This is why it pays to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, market to get leads, and make offers.

It's one thing to get leads and it's another thing to make offers. For many, getting leads is easy while making offers is intimidating and daunting. You can make offers really quickly and easy. So, we're starting a brand new 30-day offer challenge where we will teach you what to say to sellers and how to make offers.

Even if you weren't part of the 5 Leads 5 Days Challenge, if you sign up for our new Offer Challenge, we will give you access to everything we did for the 5 Leads 5 Days Challenge. Starting next week, we'll be partnering with you, guiding you, and coaching you to make at least 3 offers every day, 15 offers a week, and a total of 60 offers by the end of the program. And guess what? This program will only cost you $500! What's even better? We give you back that $500 if you successfully complete the challenge! Sounds like a great deal, right?

Head on over to OfferChallenge.net and sign up for this 30-day challenge, learn how to make offers, and set yourself up for that potential sweet juicy cheque.

Join The Offer Challenge Today!

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Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Our new 30-day offer challenge.
  • What you can expect from this new challenge.
  • The amount of deals you can make by joining this challenge.

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