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 New Market Challenge Day 2 - The Marketing Plan (How To Get Leads)

Day 2 of our challenge and we are seeing a lot of promising progress. Today, we’re tackling what I think is the most enjoyable step in the process – marketing. Yesterday, we showed you the market or county we were going into and in this episode, we will show you what we’re going to do for the marketing.

A lot of people think that getting leads is hard, takes a lot of time and needs a lot of money. Over the years of this podcast, I have always taught that our marketing strategy isn’t something fancy, complicated or above you. It’s actually easy…you just have to approach it from a mindset of “how CAN I do this” instead of “I can’t do this.” 

So, Gavin shares his marketing strategy targeting motivated sellers in the housing market he’s selected. He’s doing skip tracing, cold calling, text messaging and direct mail. Gavin shows how he put together a list through skip tracing and how he’s running the same list through marketing THREE different ways to get the most deliverability rate possible. Why is he taking the same list and marketing 3 ways? It’s because each person has a different marketing language. One may respond to a cold call, while another would rather respond to a text and there are some who would get intrigued with a direct mail offer. He hasn’t even started with the texting and direct mailing as of yet and has only done 5 hours of cold calling a day before this episode. Guess what? He’s already gotten 4 leads with one being very close to closing the contract.

With houses, it’s super important that you answer the phone live especially if it’s a direct mail lead. It’s a challenge to get people on the phone and when you do, you have to talk to them live. With vacant land, the competition is not as stiff so you can direct them to voice mail but you have to make sure you call them back. 

Now, going into my vacant land marketing. I’m doing something a bit different here. A lot of land investors like to send blind offers and you make a ton of people mad with that. The advantage of that is the low offers and you don’t need to talk to anybody until they see your offer. The draw back is you have to send a lot more mail to get leads. What I’m doing is you don’t have to send as much mail but what I want is to get as many people to call me as possible because 75% of your deals come from follow up. You can get more deals with less marketing if you have more leads to work on. 

I share how the land neutral letters I send out make this possible and show the whole process including how I do my settings, track data for leads and compare the market value with my offer price. We send the letter and they go to voicemail. This is all done and automated in Freedomsoft. 

When you use automation delegation for your marketing, things are happening while you’re busy and leads are generating while you’re doing something else. 

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Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Gavin talks about the marketing strategy he’s doing now.
  • Primary results from Gavin’s cold calling.
  • Land neutral letters for getting leads in vacant land.
  • How I set up my marketing automation in Freedomsoft.
  • Our VIP offer for lifetime access.

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