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New Market Challenge Day 1 - Picking Our New Markets

Welcome to the New Market Challenge Day 1! Today we will be talking about the virtual markets that we are targeting for houses and for vacant land. And our goal for this challenge is to teach you and show you everything that we’ll do if we lost it all and had to start over from scratch. You can take what we do and copy it to your own REI business.

Gavin and I take turns dissecting our step-by-step process on how we picked our markets for this challenge. Gavin talks about the things he looks out for when looking at the housing market and he first looks into his network to find a partner in the specific market location he’s looking at. Once he finds the right partner, he goes into the data about zip codes, areas where there are good buyers-buy-in ratio, population, etc., and he analyzes those against his numbers. Gavin discusses further the steps he takes to narrow down these numbers to get to the markets with the most potential for deals & profit using Freedomsoft and List Source. 

But how do you know it’s the right market? Gavin says that it’s easy to identify the market that you SHOULDN’T go into versus identifying the market that you should go into. There are more good markets than the bad markets. His pro-tip: do trade your hard high-end market for another hard high-end market. There’s too much tough competition there. But at the end of the day, your consistency of taking action if what’s going to get the deal – not the market.

Moving on to vacant land, numbers are also important and like the housing market, you want to find the areas that have a lot of activity. I show you how I do my research for vacant land through Land Watch. What we’re looking for is cheap, rural, recreational, vacant land out in the sticks. So essentially, you filter out your searches based on those 4 criteria. You narrow down to the top 10 counties and run those through Zillow and/or Redfin to identify exactly how many ‘solds’ a county has.  The thing about vacant land is you want to have at least 15 counties listed in your pipeline to start marketing to. You want to select a county that has investor activity. That’s it. That’s how I select a market in vacant land – by looking closely at the activity. 

I’m sure you still have a lot of questions after this session and you can get more support from Gavin and me if you get the VIP access. If you’re VIP, you get Lifetime Access, VIP-exclusive Q&A calls, FREE software, FREE strategy call, and more! Go to NewMarketVIP.com

And if you’re not in the private Facebook group where we’re doing this challenge, you still have the chance to get in there by signing up at NewMarketChallenge.com. Access to this will only be open this first week so don’t delay! We’ll see you there.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Gavin shares his process in selecting a housing market.
  • How Gavin analyzes the numbers and narrows them down. 
  • I talk about vacant land and my selection process.
  • The 4 things I look for in vacant land.
  • Our VIP offer for lifetime access.

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