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Gavin and I are having a real estate showdown of some sort…and it will be documented! We’re going to be going into 2 new different virtual markets – Gavin on houses and me on vacant lands. We’re going to show you how we do it from step 1 and with the end goal of getting a smokin’ hot deal under contract (and maybe flipping it) within 30 days. 

Our New Market Case Study is a new 30-day challenge where everyone who joins gets access to our coaching calls, documentation, private groups, marketing strategies and so much more. And in this challenge, if Gavin and I don’t close the deal in 30 days, we give you your money back – guarantee. 

You will see our real estate strategies that could very well change the course of your real estate investing business. We are going to dive deep and peel the curtains back and this is a program you would want to get your hands on. 

You don’t have much time left to sign up so go to NewMarketCaseStudy.com now.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Gavin and I talk in detail about what we’ll be doing in this 30-day challenge.
  • We talk about houses and vacant land.
  • Our upcoming New Market Cast Study 30-day program.

Mentioned in this episode:

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