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Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

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Michelle Bosch and her husband, Jack, have been friends of mine for about 6 years. Michelle started her own podcast recently and I’ve invited her here to introduce it.

Michelle met Jack at Western Illinois University. She is from Honduras and Jack is from Germany. They both planned on returning home after college, but they fell in love and stayed in the US.

They have structured their business so they can take off 3 to 4 months each year. They have a daughter and they make sure she knows her overseas families.

Jack and Michelle started in land wholesaling. In 2008, they started purchasing single-family homes. They still invest in land, and use the cash from that to purchase multifamily properties.

Michelle has learned a lot about personal and corporate temperaments, which has been very helpful in managing a relatively small business.

After experiencing burnout in 2011, Michelle decided to focus on setting boundaries and doing the work that she’s best at and that energizes her. She is now consciously giving herself time to be creative and more strategic.

Michelle hopes her podcast will bring more women into real estate investing. She plans on showcasing women who are successful in the business and in other areas of their lives.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • One-time cash, temporary cash and forever cash
  • Tugboat versus lighthouse
  • Accelerator versus stabilizer
  • Separating play, planning and production

Mentioned in this episode:

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