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Wow! We just came back from our 2-day virtual event called the M.A.D. Bootcamp where Gavin and I taught Marketing, Automation and Delegation. Little backstory why we did this bootcamp, two weeks ago, we did a New Market Challenge. And 9 days after the challenge, we documented everything we did for marketing and nurturing the leads we got. Gavin went into the housing market and I went into the vacant land market.

A week after the challenge, I paid a company to send out our direct mail. And last I checked today, we’re at 2% response rate. Now, to put that in context, when you’re in a super competitive housing market, you’re lucky enough to get 0.5% – 1% response rate and we’re predicting this will go up to about 3-4% response rate by the time the campaign finishes.

By the time the bootcamp started, I literally got a seller to say ‘Yes’! That ‘Yes’ didn’t come through but we got more contracts the following days! So, I have 2 properties under contract and have about 4 more who have said ‘yes’ but are still being smoothed out.

It's crazy that we’re sitting on at least 4 contracts in two different markets because of this challenge and I’ve only spent about $1800 in direct mail. 2 out of those are vacant land deals which will be under owner financing and will bring about $1000 in passive income per month for the next 5 years!

Now, why am I sharing this? A lot of people have a hard time starting their real estate investing business because they don’t know where and how to start with the technical stuff with the Marketing, Automation and Delegation. Great news! Our team can do that for you! We’re offering a M.A.D. Bootcamp Coaching opportunity where you pick the county, we’ll pull the list, we’ll do the direct mail for you, we’ll help you price it, we’ll set up Freedomsoft and all you have to do is to click a few buttons to send them an offer through text message!

This coaching offer is one of the best offers Gavin and I came up with after this bootcamp. We’ll set up everything for you, run your first campaign, give you access to our normal regular coaching calls, direct Voxer access to me for 60 days, access to our mastermind group and we’ll partner with you on deals!

Most coaches would offer this for $50k or to the least $10k. We’re offering it at $7500 which you can pay in split payments. This is the only coaching program where we do everything FOR you and WITH you.

So, if you want to get into the business faster and get everything set up for you, go to MADBootcamp.com/now.


Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Deals we got from the New Market Challenge and MAD Bootcamp.
  • New coaching offer where we do everything FOR you and WITH you.
  • What to expect in the coaching offer.

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