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I have one opening right now in my personal coaching program. Watch this series of videos which explains a little more about what I do, and who I help. You will also learn something from the three students I interview.

It isn't very often that I open my one-on-one coaching program.  

Go HERE for more information and to APPLY.

Watch and Enjoy (and Learn):

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  1. Hey Joe,

    When you wholesale deals remotely or virtually are you using another wholesaler as boots on the ground and splitting the profit with them 50/50 or do you set up systems so that you find both the buyer and seller and keep 100% of the profit?



  2. How much is one 2 one coaching?
    I have a wholesaler person and it's good multiple family deals and looking for buyers in NJ, this is my first time trying to do the deal.
    thank you

  3. very good interview I really liked the part about building systems then automating then delegation, and the importance of the buyer.

  4. Hi Joe, this was a very inspiring podcast for me I've set up 30 buyers 10 sellers but no deals as yet when I have enough money for your program and hopefully you think that I am a good fit I would love to join your group, thanks for your encouraging podcast, Ezra

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