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LAST CALL on our Creative Financing Holiday Bundle Independence Day Sale. This VERY LIMITED offer is worth over $5000 of materials that will teach you lease options, owner financing, subject tos – pretty much all things creative financing – plus raising private money! And again, this offer isn’t available all the time and I’m only doing this in celebration of the independence of our great country.

For only $97, you get:

  • Creative Financing Lab – Physical Bundle for only the first 130 people ($997 value)
  • Creative Financing Lab – Digital Access​($2,497 value)
  • LIVE Wholesaling Lease Options Masterclass ($297 value)
  • FOUR Live Marketing Masterclass Recordings​($1,000+ value)
  • ‘New Market Challenge' Recordings ($197+ value)
  • Bonuses included as well! (priceless)

I've sold MOST OF THESE COURSES on their own for at least $97 (except the books). The value in this bundle is easy $5,000 or more. The physical portion of the Creative Financing Lab is a legit limited offer. Once they're gone, they're gone. We are not printing anymore. The physical bundle is limited to the first 130 people and probably sold out already over the weekend, but if you didn’t make it in time for that bundle, you can still get digital access to everything we have for the Creative Financing Lab course.

This is it. This is your last chance to make a choice. This offer will expire on Wednesday, July 7th, as soon as the clock hits midnight, so don’t delay! Click below to get this amazing bundle and invest in yourself and your REI business!


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