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Joe McCall Wholesaling Lease OptionsDid you know that the easiest way to make money in real estate is to do what's easy?

That's why I love Lease Options.  And how I love doing Lease Options from Prague!  Listen in to this special podcast where I reveal:

  • What are Lease Options
  • How you can flip Lease Options (Wholesaling Lease Options)
  • How you can stay in the middle of Lease Options and make build a portfolio of incredible cash flowing investment properties for long term wealth – without using your own credit or money to buy these properties – so you can get
    • Cash Now
    • Cash Flow
    • Cash Later
  • Why Lease Options are simply the easiest and fastest way to make money in real estate today

Remember – the easiest way to make money in real estate, is to do what's easy…

Listen and enjoy:

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  1. I had to leave the webinar right before the application url was given out. I generate tons of leads that I believe can work as lease options. I live in Texas though so I would like to learn how to do LO legally in Texas. Hope to hear back soon.

  2. Enjoyed your pod-cast, however when I went to the webinar I didn't stay one minute because it didn't seem like it would be anything about lease options. It seem to slick, a get rich scheme, a scam even.
    I hope it was some kind of glitch. I am just saying.
    Thanks anyway

  3. JOE, What is the Difference between Master Lease Options and Wholesaling Lease Options.

    Master Lease Options, we are either staying in or getting out of the deal, depending on the Numbers anyway. Where is the Wholesaling part come in?

    Assigning to the New Tenant Buyer, or in an ACTs Deal, Assigning it Back to the Seller (would they ever refuse this assignment, in and ACTs Deal?)

    So, are you saying, there is a Seller, giving us the Option to Buy, then a Tenant Buyer that wants to buy at at alter date, and a Wholesale Person (an NEW Buyer, That will take over this Master Lease Option, instead of the Original Seller?

    Question #2, Where can I find some Sample or Real, in use today, Active, MLO Forms?

    I Want to do MLOs, from 5 to 20 per Month! I am starting my Investing Career here, with your Wholesaling /Master Lease Options Technique. I have plenty of knowledge, courses, books, but just starting to Buy Properties for real, and Creatively. I have chosen you as my New Mentor. I will let you know if I am Successful! Like you were, I have cold feet but This Technique seems Too Easy for me to Fail! With your Information so far, This is my ROAD TO SUCCESS!

    Thanks for this Real Estate Training Site!


    1. George, lots of questions there… Not sure I understand… I don't know if there is a difference between Master Lease Options & Wholesaling Lease Options. Maybe not… Probably not…

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