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I love automation because it takes a lot of small tasks off your plate and lets a CRM do the work for you. But I get it. It can be hard to learn a new method of doing things. I’m going to walk you through several different automation sequences that you can set up that will reduce the amount of time you spend on your business so that you can focus on higher ticket items.

Don’t get stuck in a certain neighborhood or city. I’m going to show you how to keep your search parameters wide enough that you’ll be absolutely swamped with leads. I’m going to show you different ways to look for leads through REI Simple, including Facebook ads and click-to-mail marketing.

And once you have a house on the hook, you’ll need to advertise the lease option. But where?

  • Signs
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook groups
  • Craigslist
  • Zillow

All of these are great places to look for buyers. Be warned though; houses that don’t sell as a lease option within 2-4 weeks are either overpriced or not being marketed enough.

I love using REI Simple because you can put in reminders, modify templates, leave notes for other members of your team, keep track of your leads, and automate your marketing. It’s designed to make it easier and more profitable to run your real estate business. But no amount of CRM work should get in the way of the most important part about wholesaling: making offers.


Watch and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How to personalize your offers in REI Simple.
  • Use automation as the building block, and add to it (and I’ll show you how).
  • Don’t let a CRM stop you from making offers and following up.
  • Stop narrowing down your market!

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  1. I’m thinking seriously about switching to REI Simple. One concern – I don’t believe they have a phone app. How do you avoid phone tag?

  2. I’m recommending a friend get into real estate investing ! What books , videos, courses do you recommend to start ? 720-380-5417. Thanks

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