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Hi everybody. Glad you’re here.

Gavin’s with me on the podcast. We’re on our way to a Cardinals game with a new coaching partnering client. The Cards are playing the Dodgers.

We’ve spent the day working on an implementation workshop.

We have a new student that we haven’t met in person yet. We helped her get set up remotely and, in her first week, she’s already got 2 solid deals cooking.

Just about every seller she’s talked to has said, “I’ve got a stack of postcards and letters from investors, but you’re the first one to ever call me.”

And guess what? The sellers want to talk to her. They want the rapport that comes from conversation.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Be brilliant at the basics
  • Get on the phone
  • Direct mail works IF…

Mentioned in this episode:


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