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Guess What?!

I (Joe) am starting a BRAND SPANKING NEW podcast with a good friend, and fellow Virtual Wholesaler (Remote Property Flipper) from the UK, Tom Wade!!!

The purpose of this podcast is to talk about flipping properties virtually (remotely) while traveling around the world.  It's all about creating an “Independent Lifestyle Business”.  Is that something that you're interested in?  Then you will love this podcast!

We also intend this podcast to be more targeted to the European audience.  Thus, the reason why we didn't call it the “Virtual Wholesaling Podcast”.  The term “virtual wholesaling” doesn't have the same meaning as it does to people in the USA.

Check out the new podcast here…  I think you're going to love it.


You can get more information from Tom here on his Facebook profile HERE or HERE.  If you remember, we interviewed Tom earlier on this podcast (Listen to it HERE).

Here are some of the awesome topics we covered on the first 6 episodes:

Good stuff here guys, I'm telling you…! It's “all killer, no filler”.

(And by the way, just in case you are wondering, the “Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast” with me and Alex is not going anywhere.  This will always be my baby, my main podcast.)

Listen To Joe Talking About The New Podcast Here:

What are you thinking?

First off, we really love feedback, so please click here to give us a quick review in iTunes!  Got any thoughts on this episode? We'd love to hear 'em too. Talk to us in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for this. Have more than just a basic grasp of wholesaling however wanted something that focused on virtual wholesaling as this is what I will be doing.

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