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Gavin and I are doing a new live marketing class next week and it’s all about what we would do if we both had to go back and start all over again. A lot of new real estate investors are afraid to really dive into the business because they don’t know what they would do or how they would do it.

Well, what you need is someone who’s been there, done that to help you navigate your way through starting your real estate investing business so that you avoid the common mistakes. In this live marketing class, Gavin and I will be demonstrating what we would do if we only had a little bit of money, our personal time, and a laptop. We’ll show you the right mindset and the steps we take that work in the market right now.

The market changes and we’ll only teach you what we do – we won’t ever teach you anything that we don’t do or doesn’t work for us. Join us LIVE for this all-day deep-dive Masterclass and watch “over our shoulder” as we show you exactly how we do marketing for deals in 2022… even if you don’t have a lot of money… even in a difficult market!

The class happens on March 28th so RSVP now!

Go to LiveMarketingClass.com to sign up.

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  • New live marketing class.
  • What to expect in this class.

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