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REIM 147

It’s in the news… it’s trending on social media sites… it’s talked about by politicians….

The environment is a huge subject. Jim Simcoe happens to believe that it’s a relevant subject for real estate investors as well.

It’s for that reason that I invited him on my podcast – to pick his brain to find out how he got into this field, and also WHY. Are there benefits for investors to know more about building environmentally friendly houses? How about including it into rehab projects?

I’m convinced that you’re also interested to learn more about this subject…

How do you know exactly what needs to be added (or removed) to bring a house into acceptable standards as an eco-friendly house?

Jim’s been in this field for a number of years now and has completed eco-friendly properties in different areas across the country. He knows his stuff. And in this episode, he openly shares it all with you.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why it’s important to get a property environment audit before embarking on environmentally friendly projects
  • What is the Energy Star certification?
  • How is the certification attained?
  • What rebates are available and for which improvements?
  • How can this field be profitable for investors?
  • What materials will be required for both the interior and exterior?
  • How different parts of the country vary when it comes to being environmentally conscious in real estate

Mentioned in this episode:

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