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Joe MCCall with his girlsJoe here…  In this newest episode, I talked about my new “Virtual Wholesaling Challenge” and give you an update on my progress.  I just finished my first week, and I wanted to share some interesting things I have been learning.

For those of you that don't know, in this Challenge, I am selecting a completely new market and starting a new wholesaling business there – from scratch – all “virtually”.  I currently live and invest mostly in St Louis.  My new market is somewhere in California (that's a little teaser…   😉

I have always said that you can flip properties anywhere in the USA – from anywhere in the world – with only a laptop and a cell phone.  I have done that for many years in my own backyard.  And I have also proved it when I was in Prague, CZ for 2 months earlier this year and I flipped two houses in St Louis – while I was 4,800 away.  I never saw the houses, never met the sellers, never took any calls from buyers, never showed the house to any buyers, etc, etc.  You get the point.  I had someone else do virtually all the work.  It can be done.

Now this Challenge is a little different.  I am doing this in a completely foreign market – one that I have never lived in before.  I am putting it all on the line – pulling back the curtain and going public – letting everyone in on my business, sharing my secrets.

This new challenge is kind of like a “factory tour” of my business thru daily live webinars.  I am not really teaching anything.  I am just doing the stuff  while you watch and copy everything I am doing.  You get to see the inner workings of a completely new wholesaling business being born.

Cool, hu?

BTW – it's not too late to sign up for my Challenge and get all the replays.

Go here >>> www.FlipLeaseOptions.com <<<

And guess what?  So far, the first week has gone incredibly well!  On these daily live webinars, I did all my market research, selected my markets, got my websites up, created a Virtual Assistant job post on oDesk, hired a really good full-time VA with excellent English, got a list of active cash buyers in the area, fired up my buyer marketing, got some squeeze pages and email auto-responders set up, created Facebook & Plenty of Fish ads for tenant-buyers, set up my CRM database, etc, etc.

OK – enough of the sales pitch.  (I am REALLY excited about this project and I REALLY mean that!)

Back to this podcast episode…

Not only do I give you a brief update on my progress (which I hope to do for you every week), I also talked about the importance of FOLLOWING THE MONEY and the FASTEST PATH TO CASH.

What is that you ask?   Glad you asked…

It is simply finding the buyers first, then finding a seller second.  I am a huge proponent of that strategy in this market – especially when you are brand new.  So that's what I am doing in this Challenge.  It's awesome stuff.

So you ready to listen in to this podcast finally?

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:


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