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faceshotmodcropThe key to flipping or wholesaling properties is finding sellers. But not just any seller will do. You need to find motivated sellers! In this episode, Joe and Alex have a conversation with Chris Richter. Chris is the CEO of Find Motivated Sellers Now. Chris has spent a lot of time developing a system that really helps you find sellers that are ready to work with you. Working very close with Kent Clothier, Chris used his skills to revolutionize a data driven system that can help you take your business to the next level. During this Podcast, you will learn:

  • How to effectively find vacant homes
  • Wholesaling and flipping tips
  • The process of finding leads
  • How to use direct mail to find deals
  • Systems to find motivated sellers

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:

To learn more about the “Find Motivated Sellers Now” system, see this webinar HERE.

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  1. I am an investor looking for rentals .. Residential and commercial. You mentioned on the pod cast that you guys sell them all over. Can you please contact me about them.

  2. Great show, I just listened to episode 68 and lots of good info. I have been sitting on my returned yellow letters for a while now and love the concept of following-up via a skip trace.

    Is there a technique or service you use to get the skip trace info?

    Looked at a few options and the cost of the ones I have located if prohibitive for the volume i'm doing. Thanks guys!

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