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Tom-Krol-Wholesaling-Real-EstateYou will be inspired with Tom's incredible story.  Listen to this podcast as we discuss how Tom made every mistake possible and still did a deal!

You can also listen to more of Tom's story on Todd Toback's amazing podcast, No Limits Podcast HERE

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:

By the way, a few weeks after we recorded this podcast, Tom sent me this video >>>

If you would like more information on the “Leads In An Hour” course that he was talking about, CLICK THIS LINK




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  1. Great Interview I was wondering would it be possible to get the example of the "birddog craigslist Ad" that was used and a small layout of the birddog system you created

    1. Adrian – you might need to contact Tom Krol for that. It's not that complicated. You should be able to find something online on Google that you can copy?

  2. Hey Joe,

    In the podcast, you talk about a checklist, which you include in the show notes – where can I find this?

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