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nathan jurewicz real estate investing mastery podcast

“Don't be a Sith.  Be a Jedi.” – Nathan Jedi Jurewicz

Learn how to crack the Real Estate Cheat Code and close more deals in this Part 2 interview with Nathan.

In this interview, we talk more about “Frame Control” and how to:

  • Set the frame
  • Smash the frame
  • Give away the frame
  • Accept the frame

You're in for some really good stuff if you pay attention!

For more information on Nathan, go to his website here: www.LeopardPill.com.

Also, check out this really good article where Nathan talked more about this specific topic in more detail.

To listen to Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE.

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:


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  1. I am a subscriber to your podcast and I must say in most cases they are of high quality when or comes to content .
    With that said, I feel you guys were totally disrespected by this guest as you didn’t have his undivided attention. Perhaps this one should have not made the cut. It was extremely difficult to follow while he ran water several times and clinked glasses coupled with his broken speech pattern due to his inattention.

    If this had been my first time listening to your podcast it probably would have turned me away from future podcasts of yours.

    Again, I love the podcast but no guest should be so important that they bring the quality of the host’s show down several notches.

  2. This podcast was great and very unique. The FRAMING concept that Nathan is talking about is from the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. The book breaks down the different frames in great detail.

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