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nathan jurewicz real estate investing mastery podcast

“Don't be a Sith.  Be a Jedi.” – Nathan Jedi Jurewicz

Would you like to learn the Real Estate Cheat Code on how to close more deals thru “Jedi Mind Tricks”?  Strange, I know…  Controversial?  Maybe… But who cares?!

In this FANTASTIC interview (Part 1) with Nathan Jurewicz, you are going to learn the following:

  • Ethical ways to “cheat” in real estate investing that you have probably never heard of before
  • What Homer Simpson has to do with marketing for sellers
  • How to infiltrate the “Good ‘Ole Boys Club”
  • The importance of 3rd party endorsements and how to get them

For more information on Nathan, go to his website here: www.LeopardPill.com.

To listen to Part 2 of this interview, where we talk about “Frame Control”, CLICK HERE.

Tell us what you think!  Do you like?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Why?  Leave your comments below.

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:


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  1. Frrrrrreeeeeeeeeakinnnnnnnnnn AWESOME Joe & Nathan. Nothing more to say. Every minute. SO great. Um, did I get my point across? Thanks guys!

    Gonna listen again : >

  2. Wow. Absolutely Rockin stuff. Gotta love Nate “the Short Sale Kid”. (Reaffirms my belief in homeschooling, as we are doing our kids). This is one of the best and a MUST HEAR podcast (or two). Dropping the curtain and unveiling the truth that is hidden right before our eyes all the time. Belonging to the club, actually doing some work vs. pushing a button, and OMG actually having to talk to people being the keys to the kingdom. Well stated by Joe & Nathan in this podcast. I’m making my wife listen to these (OK, I’m asking her to listen to them 😉

    Gotta run with the kids for skating practice & to listen to them again! Thank you guys!!!

  3. Awesome. Great stuff as expected from both Joe & Nathan. Going to listen again & have my wife listen too. Great for any business, any industry, heck for anyone who’s alive and ever has to interact with another living breathing human being. Keep ’em coming Joe! Thanks Nathan!

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