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mike nelson real estate investing mastery podcastMike Nelson is a very successful wholesaler doing 5-7 deals a month in multiple markets.  In this episode, we talked about:

  • How to make Virtual Wholesaling work for you, instead of you working for it
  • How to create massive cash flow with Notes (this will surprise you)
  • How he is building up his note and rental portfolio – all so he can retire by the time he turns 30
  • How he does all his marketing & what works the best in this market
  • His favorite niches to go after
  • How he manages 6 full time Virtual Assistants & what they do for him
  • How he partners with other local wholesalers in his multiple markets – so they do most all the work!
  • What he would do if he had to start from scratch in a completely new market

For more information on Mike, go to his website here: www.WholesalingHouses101.com

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:


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