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peter vekselman real estate investing masteryIn this interview with Real Estate Investor, Peter Vekselman, you will learn how Peter got started in real estate investing thru mobile homes, went to a couple very expensive “seminars”, made tons of mistakes, lost half a million dollars… all the way to having successfully completed over 1,200 deals.

We also talk about the following:

  • How important it is to find the right deal in the right area.
  • Why you should never doubt the real estate investing business.
  • The importance of building a long term business model.
  • You want to learn real estate?  One way or another, it's going to cost you.  There actually is a cost to being successful.
  • How real estate investing allows you to control your TIME.
  • How Peter uses birddogs to bring him most of his deals.
  • What is the one question you should be asking other investors when just getting started?
  • How you will never grow broke making money.

Now listen to this podcast and get out there – make it happen.

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:

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  1. Such great quality Joe. I wish this call was 2 hours so you guys could have talked a bit more about the topics. Thank you so much!!

  2. I found this podcast quite informative, I liked Peter’s story (humble beginnings) and willingness to share – Thanks a million

  3. Joe ,,,,,you and Alex are a class act
    The Peter Vekselman and Michael Quarles interviews
    are excellent,quality stuff,,,,,

    Keep up the good work and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the high standard,,
    Miles Above the Rest,,,,

    Dave Doyle
    Los Angeles

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