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This was a fun podcast to record.  You might actually laugh once or twice.  Jake was a good sport (and very patient too).  But minus all the mindless bantering Alex and Joe did, there was really a point here – and you might actually learn something along the way.

Listen to this episode and learn how a former auto-mechanic started wholesaling houses in his local market, then tweaked a few things, and started flipping deals in another remote market – and actually having better success in the new market – even though it was 1.5 hours away!

You will also learn how to  best network with other wholesalers in your market, the correct way to do direct mail, how to do some easy online marketing, what to say to sellers, and the importance of the “speed of implementation” (our new mantra).

Listen To The Podcast Episode Here:


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  1. Hello Joe,
    Great podcast with Jake. I really enjoyed it. Wish I would have discovered your podcasts before the San Diego Training. I would have attended. My reason for writing is your comments at the beginning of the podcast with Jake, you said you were working on a “start from scratch” wholesale business in a tough market. I think that is a great idea. I am just beginning to explore real estate and looking at the different options available. There are a lot! Everyone is an expert and knows how you can make tons of money really quick with very little effort (yeah right). I own a contracting business and am looking to make a change into real estate. I like your training on wholesaling lease options, but what I really like is that you have a system and tell it like it is, YOU HAVE TO MARKET and keep it up. It is a numbers game depending on longevity, frequency and diligence.I also like the fact that you can wholesale lease options in any city and have it fully automated. Which leads me to my question. Why don’t your students spend time researching which markets are the best for wholesaling lease options and concentrate there marketing in those areas? I live in Southern California (Orange County)and the market is tough here, but I believe you are right, it can be done and the profits should be higher due to the pricing of homes. Please keep me in mind when you launch your training, I will be first in line. Also if you think of a way that you could include mentoring a student into your start from scratch program, I would love the training and would be more than happy to do the footwork and share in any deals that came about.

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