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Would you like to learn a TON of really cool wholesaling tips from a successful investor who “only” has 7 full time Virtual Assistants working for him?  😉  Meet Brian Haskins – a friend of Joe and Alex for many years.

In this podcast, we talk about outsourcing, the systems Brian uses to follow up with sellers, how Brian finds motivated sellers with equity, how Brian does his direct mail, how Brian effectively uses Craigslist to find sellers, what kind of sellers Brian targets, etc, etc.  There are a plethora of little gold nuggets here!

For more information on Brian, listen to his podcast here – REI Wealth Podcast.  Here is Brian's main website – Wholesale To Riches.  Here's his site where he sells Cheap REI Websites (only $14.97 / month).

Voice Mail Script

Here is the voice mail for sellers script that we talked about in the podcast.  This came from David Alexander's excellent site – www.BanditSigns.com

Hello and thanks for calling!

You know, buying houses from people like you is something I’ve been doing for quite a few years now, and in that time, as I’ve bought lots and lots of property, I’ve learned a few things along the way to make the selling process SIMPLE, EASY and PAINLESS. If you need to sell quickly, but don’t want to deal with a lot of closing costs, possibly you’ve been transferred OR are staring at SOME of life's other crazy problems, you might not have much equity, or maybe you even OWE more than the house is worth, you know what? There ARE things we can do to get you squared away, and if the numbers are right – Yes, I can write you a check for your equity TODAY. It probably won’t be a big check, but it’s likely to be enough to get to where you're going, whatever your situation might be.

Now I can really only work with people who want to get things taken care of immediately, so if you’re calling because you're just kinda curious about the Ad or Sign, and really DON'T have a real estate problem, then about all I can do is wish you the best of luck with your property, but if you need an immediate sale, leave your name and number, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you ABSOLUTELY want this property out of your life TODAY because you’ve decided to move on, then give me a call on my cell phone. You can reach me at __________. I only give that number out to folks who want me to drop everything, swing by and write up an offer that works for the both of us on the spot, so if you’re ready to get your place SOLD today, just say the word. AGAIN that number is __________, and my name is _____.

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

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  1. Brian mentioned about a software he uses to get information off the craiglist, any chance you will put that information up?

    Thank you ahead of time for all the great content!!!

      1. Thanks Joe for the reply, but I was thinking more of the craigslist scraper software. He had mentioned that he would tell you guys and if you guys wanted to then you can add it to the show notes.

        Thanks again for all you do and God Bless!!!

      2. Actually, I looked there. I don’t see anything about software used to automate Craigslist searching. Your help would be appreciated. This is an integral part of my business plan.


        Hart Hagan

  2. Thank you for an awesome podcast! I will be downloading more into my Andriod. Thanks Brian for all the free info and tips. Thanks Joe and Alex for putting this podcast together.

  3. Brian mentioned the software he uses for automatically searching craigslist for sellers based on keyword. Did he end up relaying the link to you guys? Thanks!

      1. Joe,

        I am a new investor in Miami, Florida. I love your podcast because you guys offer valuable information for free and great advises.

        I don’t have a letter or post-card message yet. If you can send me a couple of templates for Probate, absentee owners, pre-foreclosure, or divorce(tenants in common).

        I will truly appreciated. webuymiamihouses@gmail.com

  4. To answer the Craigslist Scraper app: I've done a bit of research on this and found that Brian Haskins endorses http://ultimaterealestateleadsystem.com/ which I think is a bit pricey. In contrast, I found in my searching several that no longer exist (dead links) but did find http://freshqualifiedleads.com/ultimate-scraper-pro-2-0-software/ which seems to cover all the bases for a one-time charge rather than monthly. In addition, the latter has built in proxy protection which would cost somewhere around $6-11/mo to have a VPN service. I don't work for nor have I purchased / used either so hopefully that will help someone.

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