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When I heard that Justin Lee was flipping properties in California while lounging at the beach with his family in Panama, I knew we had to get this guy on the podcast.  You are going to enjoy this interview.

And you know what?  It doesn't matter if you have no desire to flip properties remotely.  You can do exactly what Justin is doing right in your own back yard.  That is the great thing about this business!  You have absolutely NO LIMITS!

You can get more information on Justin at his website here – www.REIMarketingTips.com and www.InternProfits.com

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  1. Hi.
    I have been enjoying your podcasts. I am currently a licensed realtor in two states.
    You had suggested that you might become licensed. I am curious to what benefit there is to being licensed. I know many investor/agents that have turned in their licenses as a result of being called to the carpet by their respective real estate commissions. It seems that you simply cannot disclose enough to stay out of trouble.
    I apologize if you have Addressed this issue on a podcast I have yet to listen to.

    Thank you,

    1. Thomas – there are a few benefits with getting your license. It mainly helps you avoid any issues with the potential “dealing without a license”. Like anything, you have to be careful & fully disclose everything to everyone.

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