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He's a friend, investor, Realtor, and most importantly – a fellow Cardinal fan… the one and only… Matt Shreves from Keller Williams!!!  In this episode, we talk about marketing, some of Matt's favorite strategies for finding deals in this crazy market, and tricks of the trade when looking up MLS listed properties.

We also talk about what's involved with being a Realtor and an Investor.  (Yes, you can be both!)  Why should you think about becoming a Realtor?  What kind of marketing works for Realtors (and what doesn't).  How you can find great deals on the MLS, how to let a Realtor double dip their commissions and make more money because you get more deals brought to you, and how “image advertising” DOES NOT WORK!!

This was a great interview and I know you will love it!  (It's also kind of funny for the first few minutes.)

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  1. Really great interview Joe…Great content and ideas!….Already putting a few of these ideas into place. Thank You for sharing! Love It!!!

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