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Are you looking for some incredible cash flowing deals?  How about a property that is fully rehabbed, has tenants already paying rent, and good property management already in place? (check)

How about these numbers?

  • Average Price: $40,000 – $60,000 (check)
  • Net (really “net”) Cash Flow: $400 – $600 per month (check)
  • Cash-On-Cash Return: 10% – 15% (check)

Yes, these deals and those numbers are real and very attainable.  Right here, in my back yard, in St Louis.


Stop and think for a minute how much money you would need in a CD or Money Market to make $500 a month.  At BankRate.com, you can earn a whopping 1.49% on a 5 year CD.  Do you know how much you would need to have set aside in a CD to earn $500 every month?  $402,685!!!

If you had $402,685 in an IRA, you could buy ~8 of these homes and get $4,000 a month in net cash flow.

NET cash flow!  I am talking about “NET” cash flow.  No fluffing numbers here.  We're considering everything – vacancies, repairs, property management, taxes, insurance, maintenance, alarms, etc…  You get the picture?

Listen to this short 10 minute audio podcast to hear a little more about it >>>

Here is a property we have for sale right now: CLICK HERE

So if you're interested and want to partner with us on these deals, go to this site to get more information:





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  1. Hello Joe,

    Do you have any Turnkey Rental Property for sale? if so Here is my Buying Criteria for “Complete TURNKEY Rentals”:

    Minimum Rental Portfolio of S/F’s (5 to 10+ houses no maximum)

    All CASH buyer for purchasing “Section 8” or “Straight Pay Rentals”
    Minimum $650 rent & above
    25% to 30% Gross Return minimum a must
    MUST have GOOD Pay history
    Absolutely NO “Warzones”

    Areas of preference:
    Birmingham, AL ***(For this area ONLY will buy 1, 2 or few properties)***
    Memphis, TN
    Atlanta, GA
    Louisville, KY
    Indianapolis, IN
    St. Louis, MO
    Rochester, NY ***(For this area ONLY will buy 1, 2 or few properties)***
    Buffalo, NY ***(For this area ONLY will buy 1, 2 or few properties)***
    All New Jersey

    ** Will consider other states if it’s a LARGE Portfolio package (min.10+ houses)

    Please let me know if you have any properties that fit this criteria.

    Eugene White
    (845)838-2348 ext2

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