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This was a great interview with Lindsey Kinnsch.  Learn how she became a full-time and successful wholesaler.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Joe & Alex,
    I love this episode with Lindsey Kinnsch. I learned a lot in comparison to most webinars out there. Thanks for keeping it real. I rate your Pod cast a 5 star.

    Anthony Walker

  2. Joe and Alex you guys give so much content,you guys are awesome,I met Lindsey in my REIA Meeting she truly is a person of so much success she is even in my buyer list,now I’m listening to all the podcast that you guys here,THANKS FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING(I talked to you Joe in one of the calls of the Flip Vips ,I’m the Guy that lived in El Cajon California)

  3. Joe & Alex,

    I loved this podcast with Lindsey Kinnsch, as I do all of your podcasts. I’m new to this business, and you are helping me SO much.

    Please remind me: What is the name of the Facebook blog that you recommend.


    Hart Hagan
    Louisville, KY

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