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Yes, it's been a while since our last podcast, BUT WE'RE BACK!  (And back with a vengeance with this fantastic podcast!!!)

For those of you that don't know, Joe was gone for a couple months in Prague, CZ with his wife and 4 kids on a “working vacation”.  (More “vacation” than working if he's to be honest!)  Joe will be sharing more about that soon.  But if you want some more information on his trip, check out his new project / blog at…


Even though Joe is back in the States, he is going to keep this blog rolling with great content and will be sharing with everyone how he flips all his deals in 2 virtual markets.

Drew Downs

So… on to this podcast interview with Drew Downs!  This was a great interview with Drew & VERY informative, to say the least.  In this podcast, we spend a lot of time talking about how to find private lenders for your deals.  We also learned about the following:

  • Why wholesaling is such an important part of a well-rounded real estate investing business
  • Drew's favorite ways to find his deals.  What different types of marketing does he use?
  • What Drew looks for in the MLS when looking for deals.  (This is killer stuff here…  Most investors completely ignore these leads.)
  • How to find cash buyers
  • How to present offers to private lenders effectively
  • If Drew was dropped in a completely new city, what would he do to find his first deal?
  • And much more….!

To watch Drew's very informative video on how he finds private money…


(WARNING: Drew has one of the best courses on finding private money on the planet – not kidding (!) – keep an eye open for it.  Alex and I highly, highly recommend it.  We have both been through it and find it excellent.)


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