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Please join us in welcoming JP Moses to the podcasting world!  JP has a great BRAND NEW podcast called “REIology – Real Estate Investing Simplified” that we highly recommend.  It is REALLY good – check it out @ www.REIology.com & here in iTunes.

In this episode, we interviewed JP and asked him about his podcast & what he sees going on the in the real estate market today.  JP is excellent at breaking things down in really simple terms in ways that people can apply today.

(We also talked a little bit about Alex's new baby girl!)

Check it out >>>

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  1. Dear Joe,
    I really appreciated the podcast with you Alex and JP Moses. I really got alot out of it. I especially now understand picking a niche. Which was hard in the beginning. But as of right now I am leaning towards lease options. I have been watching Wendy Patons videos on lease options as well as working with a contact name Marv in Arizonia that has properties for lease. And has asked me to help in marketing them. As well as locating other sellers who may consider leasing there properties. I feel my other niche will be whole selling there after. Keep up the good work. I will probably give you a call Joe to get more involed in the lease options/wholesaling.



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