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Recently, we placed a post on the Wholesaling Houses Full-Time Facebook Page about looking for some more women to interview for the podcast.  It was resounding…  I was shocked how many people said we had to interview Kathy Kennebrook!  After this interview, I can see why they said that.

Kathy is a lady that has been actively investing in real estate for years.  But most importantly in our book, she understands the importance & the power of marketing – direct response marketing to be precise.

In this jam-packed podcast, you're going to learn about the kind of direct mail THAT WORKS.  Both Alex and I were surprised by the things Kathy has tested and has been using successfully over the years.  Enjoy…  And tell us what you think!

To get more information on Kathy Kennebrook, go here – www.MarketingMagicLady.com

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  1. Hi Joe,

    Great podcast guys! Will a lease option strategy be effective in a sellers market like Denver, CO? Inventory is very low with 9,000 homes on the market and they are selling in about 90 days. Builders are writing contracts without a contingency clause for the buyers home to sell. The lease option strategy is one that I would like to employ but I’m a bit concerned that it may not be the ideal strategy in the current environment.

    Thanks in advance for any comments on this!


    1. Hey Grice! Thanks for the comments. Yes, I believe lease options will work in any market. But if you think they may not in yours, then find a strategy that does! Take bold & decisive action!

  2. This was definitely the best, and most informative interview on “Direct Mail Marketing” I’ve ever listened to.

    1. Thanks! Please leave a review in iTunes. Someone left a negative review about this episode & I don’t understand why.

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