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Here's Part 2!!!  Get ready!!!

I (Joe) have known Keith & Shannon French for at least 4 years now.  I consider these two guys some of my best friends!  They have one of the most amazing stories you'll ever hear.  A story from riches, to rags… to real freedom.  It is amazing to me how generous they are of their time and talents.  They are a treasure trove of wisdom!

Can you guess what their favorite investing strategy is?  Yes, you guessed it – Wholesaling Lease Options.  (Here's a really good interview I did with them a couple years ago @ the Wholesaling Lease Options site.)

In this episode, we talk a lot about marketing – what's working best for them now.  We also spend some great time talking about social media and how investors should be using it.  Keith and Shannon are investors using social media like it should be used.

Even though we spend a lot of time talking about Wholesaling Lease Options, the information in this podcast applies to whatever type of investing you are doing.  Check it out here…

To get more information on Keith & Shannon French, go here – LinkOptions.net or KeithAndShannonFrench.com.


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  1. Sounds a little “too good to be true.” I’ve been in the business of sub-2 and lease to own, and my experience is there are VERY few people who have 5% to put down on a property when purchasing this way. Much less with credit sufficient to get financing within a short time frame. Does happen sometimes, but not often enough to make a consistent business out of it.

    Good info. though.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Ed. I have to disagree with your comment that this sounds “too good to be true”. I have known Keith and Shannon personally for several years. I know what they are saying is true for them in their market. It may not be the same for everyone in every market. But it goes to show how important the right kind of marketing is. When you do as much marketing as they do, you don’t have a problem finding people that have that much money to put down on a house.

  2. Good talk. I believe in you guys.

    I know it works too. People have the money or they can get the money to put down. You just have to lead them. Can’t convince them! I don’t try sell anyone on anything they don’t want. You do have to educate them and show them how it works. Then let them decide. If they are unsure, just tell them that that’s okay! I’ll be here with another house when you are ready.

  3. I love this interview with these guys I’m so mad at myself that I have heard this sooner lol #1 I’m from Baltimore MD born and raised so this was very motivating that this strategy works so well in this area. I started May 1 and I have two lease options under contract! Excited. Thanks you so much for the content and inspiration.

  4. I was fortunate to meet K&S at their debut presentation of Linked Options back in early 2011. Now one year later, in Central Virginia, I am getting excited all over again when I hear them reminding me about referral marketing and the power of the internet, video specifically. Hey people Web 2.0 is here with web 3.0 fast approaching and everything has changed. To be successful in your business you need to be aware of what is going.

    Web 2.0 makes your off-page optimization a lot more important. You can no longer wait for people to arrive at your site because of the way social media has developed the mindset of people. With web 3.0 fast approaching, video is going to be even bigger so you need to start incorporating that into your business. The more they come across you the more creditable you become (TV celebrities). What I learned Joe, from this great dialog with Keith and Shannon was to utilize Google+ with our video tours ASAP.

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