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Wendy Patton Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast
Wendy Patton Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Wendy Patton has been investing in real estate for a very long time.  She brings with her years and years of experience.  She has also written one of the best books ever on the subject of Lease Options (see here).

In this podcast, Wendy shares what is working for her now, and talks a lot about all the incredible deals she is picking up.

If you want more information on Wendy, go to this site – www.WendyPatton.com.


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    1. Thanks for the comment, Tami! One thing you can possibly do with underwater homes is lease option them. BUT… make sure you lease option them for at least 10-15 years. And then make the option / purchase price whatever the loan balance will be at that time. That way, with paying that mortgage down over time, there will be a lot of equity for the tenant-buyer.

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