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Meet Clause Diamond – one of Joe's favorite mentors of all time!  Claude has been in the business of real estate and sales for a very long time.  His training has literally changed my life!  Any success that I have in talking to sellers and negotiating with them has come from Claude's mentoring.  You will enjoy this interview as we talk about the real estate investing strategies that are working today – and even throw in a couple role plays as well!  Great stuff!

(Watch out – Claude actually gives his personal phone number out at the end!)

You can learn more about Claude Diamond here (www.ClaudeDiamond.com) and here at GUTS (www.GutsSales.com).

To see the very timely course Claude and I created together on using the GUTS Sales Method in Lease Purchasing, go here – www.LeasePurchaseGUTS.com.


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  1. Great talk. Learned a lot. You know when I look back at the ones I did get….there was a lot of what I said and didthat had a lot of this in it. I just didn’t do it knowingly

  2. Fun time Joe, thanks for inviting me. If any of your listeners would like a new 2012 Success Stories newsletter on GUTS Sales and Lease Purchasing then just have them go to my webpage . Thanks Again. Safe Travels in europe.

  3. Love and Appreciate your podcasts. Always good to hear about different techniques and methods. In a general sense, what Claude said is good info and clearly works for him. But, I have to say… I don’t think that phone technique of his is for eveyone. I, and most sellers I have spoken with, wouldn’t let someone like that get 3 sentences in without shutting him down. The approach is transparently manipulative, from the false sincerity in his tone of voice, repetatively using the seller’s first name, playing dumb, and forcing the seller to answer rhetorical questions about his situation. His closing is classic used car salesman pressure selling. People know when they are being played. I prefer straight, honest talk with these people and explaining the solution I am offering and then making actionable follow-up. Often times these people are in a crisis situation and don;t need another predatory-sounding slick sales person pressuring them in an industry already known for its abundance of predatory characters. I am not accusing Mr. Diamond of any of this, but that call reeks of all of it. So, in the interest of keeping this productive… what do you guys think? :). Thanks again, guys.

  4. OK, maybe strike everything in last comment after “I don’t think that phone technique of his is for eveyone.” He sounds like a smart guy and that just wouldn;t be my approach. Thanks.

    1. Peter – fair enough. I would agree that you really need to be yourself when talking to people. If you try to be someone you aren’t – sellers will see right through that – and you will fall flat on your face. But I think there is definitely something to learn from the way Claude talks to sellers. I know a few investors who do well, and many more who WISH they did well. The common denominator between the ones who do more deals & those who don’t? Their sales and negotiating skills. Find a method that works for you and practice, practice, practice. It’s an art and a science. You’ve got to learn to be kind, and stay in control of conversations with sellers.

      Thanks for your comments!!! Keep them coming! 🙂

    2. I think every one of us has some element of our personality that will ultimately piss some people off or not rub them the right way. By the same token, we all have elements of our personality that seem to work better for some people. I think what Claude has done is simply combined sales and being himself, even if it means cracking some eggs. And he's so very right, you can only last so long if you can't enjoy it.

      I've found a lot of materials with people doing seller calls on lease options, and I can tell you every good phone person works it differently. In the end they all do the same thing, they get the information, they see what can be done, keep it relatively short, and follow up. Some have a little more… "flair" AHEM… others might be a little closer to the norm. I think it all depends on the inherent personality and temperament of the lease option guy.

      Maybe it'll piss some people off, maybe it'll work particularly well with others, or maybe both. At the end of the day our time on this earth is limited, will our seller calls be fond memories or tales of humiliation and resentment?

  5. "Is that a might yes or a might no?"
    "No might yes"


    "I didn't come here to be abused."
    "Well, where do you usually go?"

    Sounds like something I would say 😉

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