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I remember well the time when Will called me about a year ago – “Hey man!  I would like to tell you how much your Wholesaling Lease Options program changed my life.  I just wanted to say ‘Thanks!'”  When he told me the rest of his story, I was absolutely shocked and humbled!

Will has an amazing story.  I think you too will be inspired as he shares how he went from selling the furniture so he could feed his kids, to then making $200,000 in 2011 – mostly through flipping lease options as a Realtor.

This was one of my favorite interviews of all time on the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast.

To learn more about Will and his new system to Flip Lease Options as a Realtor, visit his site – Lease Option Pro.


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  1. Really enjoyed the interview…love hearing about real people overcoming real life setbacks, thanks for sharing Joe! …when will Pt 2 be out, can’t wait!

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