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  • Episode #024 – Take Action & Be Persistent – Interview with Todd Miller

Meet Todd Miller – one of Alex's business partners.  Learn how it took Todd 9 months (!) of consistent hard work, before he even did his first deal!  And then, learn how he is crushing it now – having done over 50 deals in the last 2 years.


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  1. I would really like to meet and talk with Todd because it appears we have many things in common. I’m also in Richmond, Va and like him also in sales with a job that is too good to quit. I currently have four rentals and have read or listened to everything there is on real estate investing (Ron Legrande, Rich dad Poor dad, etc.) including being a member of the local RREIA. I’m now interested in putting things to work and creating a system allowing me to do at least one deal a month and was hoping that Todd could possibly be my mentor. Thanks in advance for your time. I can be reached at 804.248.5525

    1. What if those 7,500 post cards (that would have cost ~$3,000) brought you a couple deals that made you $10,000? Would it have been worth it?

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