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In this podcast, we had a great interview with Russ LeBrasc.  Russ is a full-time real estate investor from the Pennsylvania area.  We talked a lot about how he got out of corporate america, how he flips HUDS, some tricks for finding deals on the MLS, and even reviewed some example deals.  We also spent some time talking about how Russ got over $1M in business lines of credit.

If you want more information about Russ and his Business Lines of Credit course, go here:


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  1. Russ,

    Really good idea about getting a Business credit card and a Working Line of Credit. Thanks Joe and Russ. Great podcast.


  2. Great information today Russ on business lines of credit (needed by everyone) and also sharing your tips on using the MLS was masterful! Thanks Joe for having such an awesome and knowledgable guest as always; that is willing to share to make your members better!

  3. What’s the secret to getting a business line of credit? I have perfect credit, and been in business since 1997, but no lending institution is willing to give me credit.

  4. Joe, Love the Pod casts! I’m lacking in technology savy but your pod casts, Facebook, and all has really helped me get a handle on how it can be used along with all your other tools to be a success!
    Thank you!

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