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We had a GREAT time interviewing this next guy, Pete Skouras, from FreedomSoft fame.  He is one of the main guys who designed and created the software with Preston Ely.  But you know what else is cool?  He is actually doing a bunch of deals today & making a great living from it.  In this episode we dive deeply on how he gets his deals and how he negotiates with sellers.

Also, there is a huge game changer surprise about 1/3 of the way through.  Pete actually gives us the best darn yellow letter I have ever heard of for finding cash buyers and building our buyer's list.  Boom!  Check it out!

Now listen carefully… yes… Alex and I are FreedomSoft Fan Boys and proud of it.  Full disclosure only here.  We don't know how we could do our business without FreedomSoft.  It simply works.  We like things that are simple and work.  We know there is other software that works probably just as well… that's great.  You can also do everything on a yellow pad of paper (which we have been told 100 times from people).  So, please, no negative vibes about us shamelessly promoting FreedomSoft.  If you don't like it, don't buy it.  We only promote things we use and believe in.  So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  😉

If you want more information about FreedomSoft, go here >>> FREEDOMSOFT

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  1. Joe,

    Good webinar, Pete Skouras is correct in saying people tend to over-think the system. I am somewhat guilty of over analyising the procees. Getting started is the biggest road block I see happening. Fear of failure is strong. I believe that a JV with you may be the best way to learn the business and overcome the fear of failure. I would appreciate more education of a JV. Being a realtor I have a good access to the MLS with it’s expired & cancelled listings. Is this something you think could happen?


  2. Hey Joe, great podcast!
    I totally agree with Pete, its very easy to over think things in this biz, and hey thanks Pete for sharing some of those ninja negotiation tactics…


      1. Joe,
        Can u send me the info on the yellow page advertising Pete was talking about. He said a guy puts an ad in the yellow pages and u pay per lead??


  3. We are wondering who is the contact person Pete was talking about for the Yellow Pages pay per lead model?? We would like to test that out!!

    Tara Brown

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