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Both Alex and I have been mentored by Cris Chico when we got started in the Wholesaling business.  He is a Young Sage when it comes to real estate investing and helping people make their first check.  In this episode, Cris shares some great insight for beginners who maybe are worried about taking that leap.  He talks a lot about getting focused and STAYING focused.

For example, he has all his students focus on one thing – marketing and talking to sellers.  His big goal for each student he coaches is to get them to start their marketing and start talking to sellers within 2 weeks.  That's brilliant if you ask me!

Cris also shares some really helpful information on how he manages his time & how he keeps track of all the projects that he has going on.  Cris is very focused and organized, and he shares some great tips on how he holds it all together.

You will also laugh once or twice along the way!  Cris can be a very funny guy.  So, listen and enjoy!

If you want more information about Cris, go here to his site – www.FlipAnywhere.com

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  1. Hello can you please add me to your buyers list, we are cash buyers that move quickly, 0 inspections except a walk through with buyers/me as they are licensed contractors and Im the Realtor. We are always buying in the Tampa Bay area. We buy all homes in all situations but our favorites are 3/2/1 or larger with 30-40% equity to sell. Rehabs needed wanted.

    Jon Trivett

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