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You're going to love this podcast episode with David Olds.  David is one of those “good ‘ole country boys” from down south in TN (even though he is not originally from there!).  He's a great investor and doing tons of deals – mostly wholesaling and some rehabbing.  We think you will enjoy meeting him.  He doesn't have anything to sell & no website to send to people.  Just a great guy doing great things!

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  1. The three offers system is golden! Have my first contract signed.
    Seller asked $19,500, Zillow says property worth $46,000. After three
    offers and a little negotiation we agreed on $10,000 cash.
    Thanks so much for sharing such valuable information.

    1. Mike – good question – I don’t know. I apologize. That podcast was so long ago. Try to look him up on facebook and contact him.

  2. Good info, as much as i could gather. Unfortunately i could barely hear him. Guys please watch out for that in the future. Otherwise good stuff. Love your podcast.

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